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Month: September 2005

  • DoD:Source

    I just plaid Day of Defeat:Source, and I just want to say that the game is UN-FUCKIN-BELIEVABLE. The graphics are incredible, the sounds are incredible, the effects are incredible.

  • Zangief vs. Louisiana

    What the Fuck : Some people have way too much time on their hands.

  • New box on the block.

    Last night I finished putting together a brand new computer for Amanda. I promised her earlier in the summer that I will build her a new computer when she starts school. Well she did start school last month, but I did not get around to researching parts and ordering them until couple of weeks ago.…

  • Hive Minds Hosting is borne.

    The last hosting incident lead me to something I did not think I would really ever do. What that might be you are asking? Something that guarantees me that my web sites will remain always up and free of charge. I started my own hosting company – At the moment I am still in…

  • On-Line again.

    I am Back. Yahhhh, hahahhaha. As you have been able to see and those of you who have Titan Fusion e-mail have been able to experience, the site was down for little bit over a week. That was due to my host,, going kaput. But, as I am writing this, I decided to see…

  • I was fucking stunned!!!

    Amanda and I were going to the grocery store last night. I was driving and as I was approaching the intersection were I had to turn I looked over to my left at the price for a gallon of regular. As I was looking at the price of gasoline, I heard Amanda’s voice: “What are…