New box on the block.

Last night I finished putting together a brand new computer for Amanda. I promised her earlier in the summer that I will build her a new computer when she starts school. Well she did start school last month, but I did not get around to researching parts and ordering them until couple of weeks ago. Eventually I got to it. Hehe. It took me less than a week to figure out what I was going to put in!

Through the whole project I had only three hassles. First one was when I tried to order the parts. Although in the long run, I am paying for the computer, I wanted to put the order on Amanda’s credit card. The order was for over a grand, and I needed the credit on mine for my weekly expenses!!! So, when I tried to put the order through the credit card company kept denying the it. After a couple of days of this, I decided that it is time to call the credit card company. After we talked to a representative, the order was put through. Problem was that it was (a) a brand new credit card, and the order was (b) on-line and (c) for over one thousand dollars. Two days after this hassle I was putting together Amanda’s new computer. The second problem came from the hard drive I installed in the computer. It was an old drive and I had forgotten that I had decided on installing a different one. The damn thing went kaput on me. The sucky part is that it happened after I had already spend few hours installing the OS and other software. Not fun, I had to replace the hard drive with the one I had originally decided on. After I did that everything ran nice and smooth, knock on wood. Except with the video card. That was the third problem I had. When I proceeded to install the drivers for it, I decided to download the latest from the ATi web site, thinking: “Hey, let’s keep things up to date.” But, after I installed them, the card kept crashing. So, after I cleaned up the system of any ATi files, I installed the drivers from the CD , which came in the box with the adapter. No problems with it after that.

Amanda keeps telling me that I am jealous of her computer, because it is much better than mine. Yeah, it is much better. Mine I build back in 2002, my first semester at Hilbert. Back then I put everything top of the line in it, just like I did with her’s. Hehe, my reply to her is: “Just wait! In few months I am going to build a me a new one and it will kick ass. HAHAHA.”

One response to “New box on the block.”

  1. You are jealous, babe!!! I know you sneak on my computer when I’m not looking!!! LOVE YOU!

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