I just plaid Day of Defeat:Source, and I just want to say that the game is UN-FUCKIN-BELIEVABLE. The graphics are incredible, the sounds are incredible, the effects are incredible.

I will probably end up writing more and updating this entry latter in the week or this weekend. We will have to see! It is my birthday this weekend, so, right now it looks like I will be acquiring few more games. I.E. I will be busy playing them, too.

But, damn, I just want to say that DoD has turned into a sweeter game. Just incredible. I am a WWII junky and I loved playing DoD, but with DoD:S, ohhhhhh I just cannot wait to see the maps people are going to start coming up with. So much detail. It will defiantly make the experience a kick in the sensory. The maps, now, can get so much closer to the places they are spoused to represent. I just cannot wait to see them.

Whoaaa. I am so freaking excited.

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