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65 – enjoying a movie without expectations

65 movie poster

The family and I went to see the new Adam Driver movie – 65. My family did not know what the movie was about. As far as me, from what the trailer showed, I knew that Adam Driver was in it, seemed like it was Sci-Fi, and there were dinosaurs. So, I definitely was going to see it, and more specifically – see it in the theater!

The verdict: an enjoyable action movie, that did not need any more or any less of anything. My kids compared it to the newer Jurassic Park movies, but enjoyed a lot more. My wife commented on the limited dialog and that it reminded her of Wall-E and that in the first half of that movie there was barely any dialog, but because of how the story and events were presented – dialog was simply not needed. We were able to sympathize with the characters and become emotionally connected with them just by observing their environment and what there were going through.

I believe the film was well balanced, providing viewers with just the right amount of scare, action, sadness, some sprinkle of humor, and plenty of tension. I also just want to comment on the jump scares – there were plenty of them in the first half of the movie, and just when I though – OK, please enough, it was like the movie was – Fine. Just one more for good measure!

65 is a good and enjoyable movie, though I would not take younger kids to it, only because there are few really scary scenes.


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