Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do Address All of My Questions ... In the Same Reply, Please!

frustrated computer userMulti-point messages: messages which might address multiple points or ask more than one question in the same body of text.

I am positive that people do not lack in their mental capacity! So, why is it that they are incapable of reading an email message in its entirety? Even if they actually read everything, why is it that they cannot address every, or most, of the subjects of that message beyond the first one?

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Extraterrestrials and Us. Homo Sapiens are screwed

[caption id="attachment_1290" align="alignright" width="214"]Skyline Poster Film Poster: Skyline[/caption]

I watched Skyline couple of nights ago, again. A great film, by the way! As I was watching it I realized who screwed we, Homo Sapiens, are as a species. We are screwed, because we fancy ourselves as being intelligent and smart, yet we do not really have any form of a viable defense against any extra terrestrial invasion. Just think about it - if an alien race has the capacity to travel through open space, then they most likely also have the ability to mount proper offense.

What, we can travel in space?! Militarize it.

Resources are scarce as we all know. We can only hope for one of few things: