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  • The great Google / TitanFusion.net experiment

    I have decided to conduct an experiment on my website TitanFusion.net. A very involved experiment.  I am going to see how many aspects TitanFusion.net: email, blogs, sub-sites, files, feeds, exc. can be hosted and served by Google services, be they independent or part of Google Apps. I have already been using Google Apps Mail and Feedburner […]

  • 3000MB does not equal 3GB

    I find it so annoying when companies and individuals, who are in the technology business or are technically inclined, incorrectly calculate storage space. For example WordPress founding member Matt Mullenweg, in his “Free Space to Three Gigabytes” post states that the free space on WordPress.com will be increased to 3,000 MB, yet the title states that […]

  • Data loss

    The host has experienced total data loss. …