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Email Signatures - I Hate Them.

I f-ing hate email signatures. For most part they are useless and only take more space than the actual email content is. In my time of receiving emails and providing customer support I have come across a variety of email signatures and other text and image email appendages that are completely unnecessary. It is rare for me to come across an email signature that is simple and small.

People use company logos in addition to their names, emails, alternate emails, phones, mobiles and fax numbers, as well as toll free customer support numbers. To those we corporate addresses, social network addresses, instant messenger addresses and you end up with a lot of information that gets tacked to every email of an email string. Why? It is a waits of bandwidth and space, and also time consuming to sort between the signatures and the actual email content.

Not to mention people who use double and triple signatures, because they are part of multiple organizations or want to show off their affiliations an…

Barack Obama presidential inauguration live video stream

For anyone that is not at the Barack Obama presidential inauguration or at home watching it, and you would like to watch it, you can do so here. I have embedded the UStream.TV live video stream below. The nice thing is that there is also audio, not just silent video.

07:48 AM Currently it is showing the presidential limo, staff members, secret service and other security waiting for president elect to come out and be take to the inauguration site. I can also hear in the distant background the inauguration orchestra practicing.

Update 08:21 AM That's a lot of people. I am sure there is two or three times that somewhere around also attending the inauguration ceremony.

[caption id="attachment_431" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="08:21 AM Presidential Inauguration - a lot of people"][/caption]

Update 08:28 AM I was just thinking, because of its significance and because of the people involved, this is probably one of the most documented event…

Web design and standards. Key word standards!!

I am working on a new project with my brother and his publishing company. One of my tasks is to set up a new site for his company. One thing I am really, and I mean really, good is modifying things. Be they digital or physical, I can take something and turn it into something else. I am not a big on starting things from scratch, because it requires a lot of time, and in this point in my life, I am kind of short on it.

Anyways, they bought a commercial theme for the CMS I advised them would be best to go with. They, and I mean my brother and his partners, tasked me to modify the theme so the site looks and functions similar to the way their current one does. I don't know why they picked the theme they did. By the time I get done with it, both the layout and the code will hardly be recognizable to the original. I did something similar for, but I only made changes here and there, nothing major like I am doing with this project. But I am off topic! This was supposed to be…