Web design and standards. Key word standards!!

I am working on a new project with my brother and his publishing company. One of my tasks is to set up a new site for his company. One thing I am really, and I mean really, good is modifying things. Be they digital or physical, I can take something and turn it into something else. I am not a big on starting things from scratch, because it requires a lot of time, and in this point in my life, I am kind of short on it.

Anyways, they bought a commercial theme for the CMS I advised them would be best to go with. They, and I mean my brother and his partners, tasked me to modify the theme so the site looks and functions similar to the way their current one does. I don’t know why they picked the theme they did. By the time I get done with it, both the layout and the code will hardly be recognizable to the original. I did something similar for JutiaGroup.com, but I only made changes here and there, nothing major like I am doing with this project. But I am off topic! This was supposed to be a micro-post! here it is:

I hate developer who do not follow standards with CMS theme design. Each theme has parts to it, and when developers take shortcuts their products suck!!

Little bit of background here – I am unhappy because I just discovered that the developers amongst few things that they had omitted to do, they had also set up the same file to be used as the front page and post page. These to display different elements when rendered. This won’t be a problem, though, I can set up a new page in no time.

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