WordPress plugins – why not share them.

The WordPress community is vast. WordPress is one of the major blog CMS on the Internet. I very much enjoy browsing the Web and whenever I come across a blog, I find interesting, I tend to check, or at leased attempt to, what plugins are used on the blog. Anyone, who is familiar with the directory structure of WordPress can check this.

Anyways, the point I am trying to make is – WordPress succeeded because of its open community and its members’ willingness to share information and plugins. Probably about 50% of the time when I attempt to view what plugins someone is using on their blog I am unsuccessful, because the plugins directory, of all the ones in WordPress, is restricted. Why? I would like to know why do bloggers feel that they need to protect something that is free on the Internet as is. Sharing and promoting the plugins one uses on their blog is a way to show your gratitude to their developers.

As an old school blogger, and one of the first of the just starting WordPress community, I have always had a page listing the plugins I use on my blog. So, WordPress bloggers, please allow others from the community to view what plugins you use on your blog. It will make the Web more userfriendly, functional, and it will incourage developers. Thnak you.

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  1. Hi,

    interesting details. I guess it comes down to the individual blogger themselves. I had a page displaying the plugins I used, but I deleted that. I guess I don’t want others to know, maybe a bit selfish on my part, maybe not.

    I do understand what you are trying to say about the community that is willing to share and is open, I might put the page up again. Will think about it.

    • In my opinion to help and encourage the development of our favorite plugin or one we find useful we should let others know about it, or at least make it easier for them to find out what we are using.

      With the WordPress community constantly growing, sharing functionality and plugins with the community benefits not only the community members, but it also helps make the Internet richer, better to navigate and more functional. It makes visitors experience on a wordpress website better.

      Although, too much of something is not a good thing, just like too many extensions for Firefox can turn the application into crap, so can too many plugins ruin a web site and a surfer’s navigational experience.

      Yes, design plays are role in the popularity of a website, but content is kind. Therefore, website owners shouldn’t safeguard and treat the plugins as the key to the kingdom. One can have an awesome web site, as far as the design, but if the content sucks, then visitor retention and repeat visits will be very low.

      If you search on the ‘net you will see that web sites with crappy design have a higher revenue than better designed sites. Affiliate and porn sites succeed because of the content, not because of their “great” design.

      I suppose enough of this lecture/rant, because I am starting to get off topic with what I want to say.

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