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  • WordPress plugins – why not share them.

    The WordPress community is vast. WordPress is one of the major blog CMS on the Internet. I very much enjoy browsing the Web and whenever I come across a blog, I find interesting, I tend to check, or at leased attempt to, what plugins are used on the blog. Anyone, who is familiar with the […]

  • Twitter Tool – I love you, I hate you!

    The Twitter Tool, a WordPress plugin, is an awesome tool. I love that it posts to my Twitter account whenever I make a post on my blog. It also provides me with the ability to make new tweets from my blog’s sidebar and from within the WordPress administrator menu. But the feature I find most […]

  • Latest Posts v1.0 by Cypher

    While looking for plugins for Jutia Group I stumbled upon Latest Posts v1.0. It is on the left side, under “10 Newest Entries”. I needed some more functionality out of it so I took the liberty to modify the code a bit. Just to make it a tad more flexible. I started by changing the […]