Alexandar Tzanov's Personal Blog

Year: 2007

  • Home, Sweet Home!

    We are finally back home, after a two week honeymooning in Californian. There, Amanda and I, spend two weeks driving south from San Francisco to San Diego, stopping in various towns and spending few days here and there. It is good to be back.

  • San Francisco

    On Friday Amanda and I got married and yesterday we left on our honeymoon. Our first stop was San Francisco. My first impressions of the city were not great, after we first arrived. But that was due to soon chance. After a decent rest, this morning we headed out to explore certain sections of the…

  • Manhunt 2 BANNED in the UK!!

    British censors banned the upcoming Manhunt 2, describing the game as an unrelenting focus on sadism and brutal slaying. Personally I think this is great news. Games like this, Dead Rising and few others shouldn’t be even thought of, let alone produced and put on the market. I don’t like it when people, like Jack…

  • The Simpsons Game

    The new Simpsons game is coming out soon (Ships 11/13/07). It looks great. As mentioned by Scott Amos in the video below, the game was made to look more like the TV animation than previous Simpsons games.

  • Pure Pwnage 13 – Old Habits

    I have been waiting for a while now and it has finally come out. On May 4th, after a long deserved vacation, the first episode of the new season of Pure Pwnage has come out. You can watch it here: It starts kind of slow. The middle was OK, definitely liked the loud mouth…

  • What?! Pay you 50c. – Find someone else to steal from.

    Since when does the grocery store charges a fee to exchange bills for coins? A while back I was at the local grocery chain store to exchange a twenty dollar bill for the same in coins. I needed change so I can do laundry. The girl behind the counter told me that there will be…