Manhunt 2 BANNED in the UK!!

Manhunt 2 box art
Manhunt 2 Wii Box Art

British censors banned the upcoming Manhunt 2, describing the game as an unrelenting focus on sadism and brutal slaying. Personally I think this is great news. Games like this, Dead Rising and few others shouldn’t be even thought of, let alone produced and put on the market. I don’t like it when people, like Jack Thompson for example, and some groups try to ban games. In their entirety that is! Action/violent games are needed, they are also fun. But the violence should go only so far, and not cross the psychopathic line, and thus reach deeper into a person’s character, exposing them to torture and sadism.

Not to be byes, but the same goes for some of the “scary” movies that have been produced in the last year. They are pointless and repulsive. People’s senses become dull and when outrageous acts of violence are presented in real live, people simply accept them without thinking twice. That is not right.

In closing, I am glad that standards and regulations exist, and be enforced to certain level. I just think that project, where the whole point of the game is to go around and torture people shouldn’t be considered.

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