What?! Pay you 50c. – Find someone else to steal from.

Since when does the grocery store charges a fee to exchange bills for coins? A while back I was at the local grocery chain store to exchange a twenty dollar bill for the same in coins. I needed change so I can do laundry. The girl behind the counter told me that there will be a 50 cent charge for the exchange. Needless to say, it did not happen.

I will not pay for something, when in return you receive something of equal monetary value, nor do you have to do anything extra to acquire that which I need. The armory truck comes and picks up the money and drops off coins. I can go to the back, a block away, and exchanger the bill or I can go to the next grocery store, couple of blocks away, and make the exchange for FREE.

At the time of this happening, I had not heard ridiculous statements for a while, so I guess it was time for refreshments. Huhh??

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