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Server change

Due to increasing costs of operation the host, from which I was renting my server, closed its doors yesterday. So because of that I had one week, going back, to find a new host and move my data. Because of the number of sites I am hosting and the comfort of being in control of a server and its resources, and because I like to keep my data close, I decided to move everything to a VPS - a virtual private server, which I rented from the same data center in the CBOT building, where my old host had collocated its servers. It was a fast and affordable solution for the situation.
Because the VPS servers, FDC Servers offers, are simply server shells, I had to spend last 5 days looking through RPM repositories, installing and configuring software. It was a learning experience. I pretty much staid up to 2:30 AM every morning, hurrying to get the darn server up to stat, but I did not mind it. I enjoy working with Linux it provided me with some practice.
I finished my configurations early yesterday…

Watching Army of Darkness and ...

Watching Army of Darkness and Looney Toons: Back in Action (sweet recall button), while resolve some config issues on the new server.

Watching classic cartoons, whi...

Watching classic cartoons, which by the way are pretty violent, as I work on Wordpress sidebar widgets.

Soda Sampling

For lunch today I decided to do McDonald's. After I checked out and got my food, I went to the soda fountain to fill up my cup. As I was picking up a top and a straw for my cup, some lady walked up next to me looked funny into her cup then at the soda machine couple of times. She proceeded by taking a ketchup cup and sampling few of the drink before filling up her cup with Coca-Cola.

Today was the first time I've seen someone actually sample Coca-Cola before filling up their cup with it. Pretty odd!

Hive Minds Clan

For some time now I've wanted to start my own gaming clan. I have tried various ways to achieve it, and at one point I was successful in doing so while I was playing Travian, a browser based game. When I was playing the game I succeeded to recruit about 50 players, and about half of them I got to sign up on the clan forums รข€“
Now that I no longer play Travian, and I am not as active as I was a year ago with browser based games, I have decided to go back to working on starting a gaming clan with PC and console gamers. I have plaid PC games since I was 8 years old. With the XBOX 360 popularity and explosive numbers of the Nintendo Wii, I am looking to find some other gamers who are also playing on these systems and interested in some organized play.
I began inquiring among the people, who I see often and spend time with during the week, about who plays games and on what systems. About a dozen people expressed interest, so I collected names and email addresses. I comp…