Hive Minds Clan

For some time now I’ve wanted to start my own gaming clan. I have tried various ways to achieve it, and at one point I was successful in doing so while I was playing Travian, a browser based game. When I was playing the game I succeeded to recruit about 50 players, and about half of them I got to sign up on the clan forums –

Now that I no longer play Travian, and I am not as active as I was a year ago with browser based games, I have decided to go back to working on starting a gaming clan with PC and console gamers. I have plaid PC games since I was 8 years old. With the XBOX 360 popularity and explosive numbers of the Nintendo Wii, I am looking to find some other gamers who are also playing on these systems and interested in some organized play.

I began inquiring among the people, who I see often and spend time with during the week, about who plays games and on what systems. About a dozen people expressed interest, so I collected names and email addresses. I composed an introductory email, touching on who has expressed interest and how to get in touch with him; which consoles each one has, most everyone had an XBOX360; owned games and games of common interest; as well as where to buy an XBOX Live Gold membership for 13 months subscription period and under $40.

After the email went out, with the exception of 1 person, no one responded to the email or registered on the forums. Disappointingly, after a second – reminder – email, and asking in person if they are receiving the email no one else from the dozen or so names on the list is showing interest in becoming active player, even though they all expressed interest two weeks prior. It is discouraging! But maybe Marino, the only other person who register and is still actively expressing interest in playing, and I can find more people online and get them to join the Hive Minds Clan -[HM]-.

If you are a gamer and are looking to make some friends and participate in some noncompetitive game play comment on this post or register at the forums and let me know that you are interested.

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