Hive Minds Hosting Progress Update

The Hive Minds Hosting project is near its completion. 🙂 For the current variety of services offered and complexity needed, the web site has been finished. Any changes to the web site in the near future will be purely cosmetic. I might have to restructure the web site in the long term, to improve functionality and management, a result of the products and services that could be offered in the future. As it turns out, after spending couple of weeks researching and planing the future, there is a vast field of options to be considered. The choices vary greatly. I have compiled a huge list that needs to be organized into sections of types of service, cost to start and maintain, what is the possible success rate and return on the investment. Plenty of work, but I won’t have do it until down the road.

Since the beginning of the week I have been working no the billing system. When I first started working on it everything was so overwhelming, but after referring to the manual few times things now seem some much simpler and easier to understand. Thank God for technical writers. 😉 I should have the system fully configured and implemented with the web site within a week (amongst everything else I have to do). Following will be some dry testing. Configuring an automation and order processing system is new to me, so I want to make sure that everything is hooked the way it is supposed to be and will not brake in the middle of some ongoing process.

Hive Minds Hosting’s opening is scheduled in the first week of April

2 responses to “Hive Minds Hosting Progress Update”

  1. Yeah finally, but at the moment the opening date has been postponed indefinably. I started a new job and now I am concentrating on it. I might open the doors in the upcoming months, but even then I will keep it on a small scale.

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