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  • A Dad Moment – Reading in English

    The following quote is from my desktop Dads calendar, given to me by my wife: A Dad Moment Ricky held his one-year-old daughter Emily in his lap. She was jabbering in baby talk as she flipped the pages of a picture book. Nearby, Ricky’s five-year-old son Tim said, “Dad, make her read it in English […]

  • Layout update to DomainRecord.Info

    I did some layout changes to DomainRecord.Info tonight. Read more about them on the DomainRecord.Info project blog on the Innovadix web site.

  • Follow me NOT! What’s the point?

    On Twitter, a user by the name of Donna Mahony started to follow my domainventory account. She claims to be a domainer of 10 years and supposedly is the founder of Domain Boardroom forums and some other domain awards web site. When she started to follow me I responded in kind and also direct messaged […]

  • Developing a business website solo – I underestimated it.

    I have been working on and off on developing a business website with functionality other than this is who we are, this is what we do for some time now. It has been taking me some time now to make some progress on the project for Innovadix, because of duties like family, day job […]

  • I was right! Buy Yahoo stock.

    Last week I tweeted that Yahoo’s stock was at $10 per share and it was time to buy. Comments on my tweet said that it is pointless to do so. As I was on my way to New York, I wasn’t able to provide a response to the comments. With today’s reports about Yahoo’s CEO, […]

  • Skype and broadband result in happiness.

    Last night, after 10 years, I was able to see my dad live. Thanks to broadband being available, and most of all more affordable, my dad and I were arable to have a video session via Skype. Last time I saw my dad was at the Sofia airport in Bulgaria in August of 1998. Since […]

  • Veterans Day – November 11

    Today November 11 is Veterans Day. You can find more information on the VA web site, and if you would like to read the history of Veterans Day. There are variety of veterans’ charities and organizations you can support and become a member of.

  • Listening to classical music helps me stay sane … patience is a virtue!

    Listening to classical music helps me stay sane. Especially when THE LACK of daylight, the bland presence of gray cubicle walls, passive aggressive BS and the cold stare, back at me, of two 17 inches monitors make their oppression painfully obvious. Luckily I’m not easily bothered by my environment, because I realize and understand cause […]

  • And now few words from my son

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  • Domain Record Info

    I wanted a way to quickly view the record information on a domain, but I did not want anyone tracking domains I look up. Or like some bad registrars, have any possible domain I look up end up as registered thanks to the ICANN grace period and overpriced registrars trying to extort money before selling […]