Noob!!! What noob?

So, few days ago, I was playing my favorite ‘puter game – Natural Selection – and Amanda walked in the room and saw the game. Somehow she got intrigued and for the following couple of days wanted me to sit and play the game, so she can watch the action. Now, isn’t that awesome? How many guys can say that their girlfriend is asking them to play a ‘puter game so she can watch it? Anyways, on the third day she asked to play. 🙂 It did not take her long to get used to is. She just had to get some practice with the movement/looking/aiming all at once.

Last night she playd for 15 or so minutes and then wanted to switch with me. Today though! Today is a different story. I had her sit and play on her own instead of watching me. At first she was unsure of herself, but that soon changed! After playing for only 20 minutes she started to turn things around. I mean, her score was way better than my average, and I have been playing the damn game for years. When she talks she uses all the game’s terminology. In-game she moves and has an attitude like a veteran gamer. She puts my years put-in to shame.

All of her advancements in skill and attitude surprise me greatly, because tonight, unlike yesterday, most of the players on the servers are a-holes. I love all this, in addition to having a geeky and smart girlfriend, I have a girlfriend who likes to play games, also. A play all, in so many ways!! Simply awesome. 😉

2 responses to “Noob!!! What noob?”

  1. You always get the story wrong, babe. I’ve been watching you for months. How do you think you get away with playing it for hours? 🙂

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