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  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

    I was just browsing GameTrailers.com and I saw that a new game from the Ghost Recon series is is coming out later in 2010. It will be called Future Soldier. I am very excited. I’ve been playing Ghost Recon since college. Infrequently, but I still play the game and its various sequels, like GRAW for the Xbox 360. Back […]

  • My XBOX 360 is kaput!

    My XBOX 360 is kaput! It’s at the point where it won’t even turn on. Well, it does, but it immediately powers off everything but the Red Ring of Death (RRoD). It sucks. I have been having some issue with the Xbox for some time know. Recently I wrote about how I was experiencing some […]

  • XBox 360 no video, only audio

    Over the weekend I had some lack of video from my XBox360. Nothing that some heat couldn’t fix. Apparently most problems with the Xbox360 are fixed by that which kills PCs – heat. I have an XBox360, which is one of those that was born with bugs and “genetic” issue – meaning an early version […]

  • Ad4Game.com fix your web forms

    Yesterday morning I tried signing up as ad publisher on Ad4Games.com. I own few gaming sites and want to show more targeted advertisements, so this ad network seemed as a decent choice. I saw them serving banners on few other websites. When I tried to register, the town I live in is comprised of two […]

  • Oh Snap! – Red Alert 3

    Wow, just wow! This is the best game ad I have seen in very, very long time. Once again the Command and Conquer community is in for a visual treat. It looks like the upcoming Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 has a great cast of actors. I really enjoy watching this video. I really […]

  • Valve being bought by Google. Please say it isn’t so.

    Valve being bought by Google! That is a horrible thought, but there are number of web sites which are reporting this. Here are a few links: http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/news/2008/09/17/google-valve http://techcrunch.com/2008/09/17/google-to-acquire-valve/ I decided to send Valve a quick email, and I think that everyone that is agains this happenign should do as well. Good morning, TechCrunch and TheInquirer […]

  • Far Cry – The Movie

    Uwe Boll does it again. The “let’s make it into a movie” game cinematographer, this time around, has brought us Far Cry. After watching the movie trailer, it think that it looks more than decent. In many people’s eye Uwe has the reputation of being the man with the ability to take a great game […]

  • Adventure games.

    Last night, in the quick chat, on Abandonia someone said “This site should be renamed “dedicated to adventure games”.”. My response to this was “That’s what games used to be back in the day. Now they are all about is this shiny enough? Yes! Can we make it cheep and sell it quick. Yes. Then […]

  • TEAM ROOMBA: TF2 Griefing 2

    This video is hilarious. Be ware that there is adult verbiage in it. So, if such language bothers you – don’t watch. Personally I hate dealing with players like this, unless it is my own clan mates and we are on the server for the sole purpose of screwing around. It is one thing having to […]

  • Or Best Offer – NOT!!!

    I found on eBay the expansion set to the Doom: the Board Game – Doom: the Board Game Expansion. The person is selling the game for $38.95, one dollar less that Fantasy Flight Games, the game publisher, plus $15 for shipping. He also provides the option for or best offer. Someone needs to explain to […]