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Happy 2006

Happy New Year from Amanda, me and Titan Fusion.
We wish you all happiness, good luck, plenty of health and lots of success in the new 2006. Enjoy yourselves, your lives and appreciate what you have.
Fun, fun, fun and lots of love and prosperity.

Hun, What was I watching?

Couple of nights ago, I was laying in bed watching TV. Commercials interrupted my program. They were going on and on and on. Eventually I realized that they have been on for so long that I could not remember what I was watching! Are commercials' time frames really supposed to be longer than a person can remember what they are watching, thus being forced to change the channel?

On hold with Microsoft.

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I had to make couple of phone calls to Microsoft today. What I liked was that their phone system has become more automated since the last time I had to call them. I do not have to wait for someone from their reps to answer my call. At the end though, because their voice recognition system had a problem with me, I had to be transferred to a rep. The thing I liked was the silence while waiting. I was not forced into listening to some annoying music, that constantly crackles, nor did I have to put up with advertisements and numerous advices of where on the web I could go to find my answer. I really loved it, one problem though, there were few times, between transfers, where I thought I might have been disconnected.

So, after all, the elevator music does have some point to it. He He.

Harry Potter - and the cool flame looking goblet!!!

Last Wednesday, the 22th of November, Amanda and I went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The movie was good in my opinion. Both Amanda and I really enjoyed it. There were good effects and animations. You know all the usual things they had before, just better quality, but such is the nature of technology. It always improves.

There are couple of discrepancies I would like to talk about that were in the movie. First, both Amanda and I agree on this one, Professor Dumbledore was moving way too fast for his age. I mean, this guy was all over the place. But that is the actor's and the director's fault. The actor, who played Dumbledore before, passed away. Now, my guess is, they have a young actor in a costume and the guy has not completely embraced his character, or maybe he is so into it that he just forgets about his age.

The second discrepancy I want to talk about is directed toward the author, JK Rowling. If you are going to use names from a nation, which is not your ow…

Your Internet for ransom.

OK, so we thought that the government was taking our rights away, but how about your Internet Service Provider (ISP). For those of you who do not know what an ISP is, it is your gateway to the wild. It is Verizon DSL, Comcast, Adelphia, AOL, NetZero, and so on. They are the companies which connect your computer to the backbone of the Internet, so you can freely browse to your favorite web site, or listen to music, or play your favorite on-line game. In my case that would be Half-Life's wonderful mods: DoD and NS. But back on topic. I found a link to this article here on Digg. Everyone should read it and imagine how far corporate America is trying to get. Without your opposition and voice they might just get there, and you will become a prisoner in your own home.

Please read the article then finish reading the rest of this page...

OK, So, let's put what these people want to do in prospective. Ready? Here we go: Let us pretend you are a subscriber of Yahoo! Music, which charges yo…