Harry Potter – and the cool flame looking goblet!!!

Last Wednesday, the 22th of November, Amanda and I went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The movie was good in my opinion. Both Amanda and I really enjoyed it. There were good effects and animations. You know all the usual things they had before, just better quality, but such is the nature of technology. It always improves.

There are couple of discrepancies I would like to talk about that were in the movie. First, both Amanda and I agree on this one, Professor Dumbledore was moving way too fast for his age. I mean, this guy was all over the place. But that is the actor’s and the director’s fault. The actor, who played Dumbledore before, passed away. Now, my guess is, they have a young actor in a costume and the guy has not completely embraced his character, or maybe he is so into it that he just forgets about his age.

The second discrepancy I want to talk about is directed toward the author, JK Rowling. If you are going to use names from a nation, which is not your own, do research the names and language. I am talking about Victor Krum. That guy was supposed to be Bulgarian, correct? Well, in the Bulgarian language words have genders and so do names. Men’s names end on OV. As you can see the last name in the title of this blog ends on OV. It is not Tzan, it is Tzanov. The way she had his name, Krum, it was a first name. If she had added the OV, and it was Victor Krumov, then it would have qualified as a Bulgarian last name, and she would not look ignorant in the eyes of so many people around the world.

Other than that the above, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is a good movie.

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