Month: November 2005

  • Google Web Accelerator … NOT

    I am sure most of you have already heard of Google’s Web Accelerator (GWA). If you have not, GWA is one of Google’s creations bordering on being a spawn, depending on how you feel about having your Internet controlled! If you do not care, than you will like this little application, but if you like…

  • Oppsss… Linksys RTP300 VoIP router.

    I just found a bug in the login script of the RTP300 Linksys VoIP router. The firmware is 1.00.55 version. This was just by accident. My password contains letters and numbers. I was typing too fast and at the end of my password I typed the wrong number. By the time my actions clicked in…

  • Sorry, but people are not dumb.

    Are advertisers really that comfortable with us or do they think we are just that much of a flock of sheep, so they do not have to try hard anymore? Seriously, do we the people, not look for quality anymore? Do not we want good presentation to assure us?

  • It is snowing.

    Snow, snow, let it snow It is snowing once again. They are falling we are freezing, Snow is here once again.

  • Please tell me how did you calculate this?

    I do not know about the rest of the state, but here in Chicago, AOL has a TV commercial about ad-aware and spy-ware. In that commercial an AOL representative makes a statement that spy-ware and all the other junk can "slow down your computer UPTO 500%". Now, I do not know in what world AOL…