Sorry, but people are not dumb.

Are advertisers really that comfortable with us or do they think we are just that much of a flock of sheep, so they do not have to try hard anymore? Seriously, do we the people, not look for quality anymore? Do not we want good presentation to assure us?

There is an Old Navy commercial on TV, and it is such a low quality commercial. It just looks like crap when you see that the blabber you hear does not match her lips’ movement! It makes me think that the advertisers and the ON corporation take me and the millions other people, who see that commercial, for fools when they think that it is OK to put something that does not have an ounce of quality in it, and expect me to go out to their stores and buy their product. Hey, don’t you think that you should show me your dedication to your products and my satisfaction as well as product and presentation management before you expect to put my money in your pockets?Here is a tip for your next outdoor (probably in studio) commercial, record her voice live and then have your sound engineers add any background noises. It looks better! Oh and please pick someone with less of a childish voice for your spokesperson.

Thank you!!!

Between her lip talk and the voice I hear, I just do not have a chance to see what you are trying to sell me.

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