Please tell me how did you calculate this?

I do not know about the rest of the state, but here in Chicago, AOL has a TV commercial about ad-aware and spy-ware. In that commercial an AOL representative makes a statement that spy-ware and all the other junk can "slow down your computer UPTO 500%". Now, I do not know in what world AOL exists in, maybe their own, that’s why that company is in such shape, but in the physical world on planet Earth you just cannot got bellow 0, unless you are talking about temperature (feel free to post comment about anything else). It is obvious they are not.

Anyways, once you reach 0 speed you simple CANNOT GOT AT NEGATIVE 400% SPEED. AOL please check your physics book. To me it is impossible to go negative 400% in time or on the Internet, otherwise you are either going backwards or back in time.

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