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I was fucking stunned!!!

Amanda and I were going to the grocery store last night. I was driving and as I was approaching the intersection were I had to turn I looked over to my left at the price for a gallon of regular. As I was looking at the price of gasoline, I heard Amanda's voice: “What are you doing? It is green!”. I guess as was coming to a halt. All I could mumble is: “Yeah, I know. I am just looking at the price.”, as I was trying to accept the reality of what I had just seen. The price per gallon for regular was $ 3.57 :shock: , up from what I had paid on Tuesday - $ 2.79.

Do you really need those?

I finished up work for the day and I leave to go home. On the way I stopped at a gas station to fill up Amanda's car, because the gas there was 10 cents cheaper than anywhere else. I know! Isn't it something, gas prices are so high, that people think that 10 cents can make a difference. Yeah maybe, if you are driving a humongous SUV or a truck. Anyways, as I was fueling, I looked over to my left at the car on the opposite side. It was a Saturn Ion. So what, you might say, plenty of them around. Yeah, I agree, but this one had Camouflaged seats all around. :neutral: :shock:
Now tell me – do you really need those? Your car is silver, and you live in the city. The only concentration of trees around are the forest preserves here and there. Where, by the way, it is prohibited to drive. Why would someone buy a car with camouflaged seats is a question I cannot answer. Maybe one of you could! I would like to hear your ideas. :wink: