Think twice before you speak.

The following is in the lines of the usual nonsense that the guy I work for does.

I get to work today and I start working on finishing where I left off yesterday. He comes in, already half an hour late for work, and pulls me off so he could talk to me about some thing. I am thinking he will probably just give me his usual talk of what needs to be done today, but no. This is just pathetically funny.

Little bit history before I tell you about the hypocritical and self righteous lecture he gave me. There is three of us working – him (subject A), another guy (subject B) and I. Yesterday subject B and I were joking around about parting and drinking and women. He told us that he was planing on going out to the bars, again. I am saying again, because last Wednesday he had called me from some bar, close to my apartment, to come and help him make his way home. That call was at almost 3 in the morning. Jokingly I asked him from what bar was he going to call me, at 3 in the morning, this time.

With the little bit info, I just provided you with, here goes what happened this morning. Subject A, interrupted what I was doing and pulled me to the side to tell me something. He proceeded to tell me that what I did yesterday was unprofessional and talking about Subject B’s escapes, in front of the client, was unethical! This monologue goes for few more minutes, because subject A likes to repeat himself, for the sake of hearing his voice in a self righteous moment. I prefer to think that he does it so he can convince himself, that what he is saying is actually true and he is right about it. I am pretty sure that 70% of the time, this opinion of mine, holds true. OK, this was about the self righteousness.

Now about the hypocrisy. By the time he was done telling me what I had done wrong the first time around, I was thinking: “Really Subject A, why don’t you think twice about what you just told me, before you say it to me. Because you just made a double ASS of yourself.” Why is he a double ass,you ask? One because of what he was doing yesterday and two because of what he just said to me regardless of what he was doing yesterday. Right now I am pretty sure that you are wondering what he did yesterday. Here it is – for the better part of the day we were working in front of the client, early in the afternoon he started farting and burping in front of the client. He proceeded to do that for over an hour. First time it happened Subject B and I started laughing, I was laughing so hard, I had to stop what i was doing. I thought to myself – it is OK, it happens to all of us. The presser is high and some times one slips. It has happened to me before. But, he kept on doing it. Subject B and I were embarrassed, we both looked at each other with a look and thought of WTF?!Now tell me that you do not make yourself look like an ass when you do something like that. He was trying to tell us that he was farting because he has been eating coleslaw. Well, buddy, go the the bathroom and SHIT.

I mean, if you are going to talk to me about professionalism and work ethnics (this one, BTW is a double standard when it comes to him), do NOT be embarrassing

  • your business and its name
  • yourself, especially yourself, because you are the owner
  • your employees

“Try” to follow what you preach, which is about 60% of the time.

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