They wear what?!?

Tonight Amanda and I went out to dinner at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant with her friend Bobby and his cousin Pat. As the evening progresses and we talk about all kind of things, Pat told us something, which once again gave me a reason to wonder at the things people do.

Pat told us that the son of a guy he works with wears girls jeans. Many of you, of course, would say that there is nothing wrong with that. Yeah, if the kid is GAY! No, he is not gay. Apparently that is a new stile, and he is not the only one participating. The rest of his guy classmates are doing it, too.


Yes, that was our reactions, also. Pat’s coworker had told him that he cannot imagine his son anymore without wearing girls jeans. Now, personally I think there is something majorly wrong in both of these cases! First been that the kid is wearing girls close, and second that his father allows him to do so. My guess would be that he does not really give a damn what his son does. I, on the other hand, would raise a storm if I saw my son wearing something like that. If he is, he better be part of a play at school, and not the fairy.

A new stile, a new trend – to wear girls jeans. WTF!!! I know that girls wear guy’s boxers, but that to some of us is sexy. That does not mean that guys need to start wearing girls pants. That is NOT sexy. Or maybe it is, maybe that is why they are doing it. Girls their age like it. Younger kids, different way of thinking, less interest in issues outside their social status or “coolness level”.

I thought I was seeing plenty of odd things as I drive through the city on my way back from work every day, but I think the first time I see something like this, it would be on top of my Huuu, WT Heck list for a while.

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