SQL server problem.

There was a problem with the SQL server today. I am not sure what the problem was! Applications like WordPress, which I use for this blog and the ones I host as well as on my front page and few others on my site, and the Forums on the clanmp.us website were not working. As a result all of the pages were producing errors. The weird thing was that basic query and simple pages like the battles and about pages did work. On top of that, the weirder thing was that the ssi tool which feeds the news posts from the forums to the home page on clanmp.us was working while the rest of the forums did not.

Now everything seems to be work fine and it is all back to normal. There is no loss of data, which is even better news. This is the first time I have experienced a problem like this with the current host. Let us hope this was the first and last time this happened.

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