Blog Update!

I have made number of changed to my blog, and I have alos added some more plug ins. I have added blogtimes. A plug in which show at what time, in a period of twenty four hours, entries where made in the last thirty days. After the times are acquired the plug in generates a bar graph. It is dynamically generated every time the page is refreshed. I placed the image from the plug in at the bottom of the page. So, just scroll to the bottom of this page and you will be able to see it. I have also added an wish list plug in. It will randomly display an item from my Amazon wish list and link it back to the site. So feel free to send me some gifts!!!:wink: I also added blog pagination, which should make it easier for visitors to page back and forth between all of the blog posts. I guess, it can be seen as an alternative to looking through the archives by month and year. It simply places all the entries sequentially. The page links are at the bottom, right above the blogtimes graph. And to that I am using a second plug in, which also makes it even easier to view entries from the past without having to brows though the archives or pages. It makes the blog more interesting as well, because it will display on this day a week, month and year ago. The blog becomes more interactive this way and less boring. If there are no entries during some days, a visitor can read what I have posted on that date in one of the above three time frames. The links can be seen under the “Time Travel” category. Just because I can, I also added a weather report for West Seneca, NY. I added a spell check plug in, as well. But so far I have not seen it work. It is something I have to play around with. It requires certain files on the server, and I have to check if they exist on it. If they do not, I will just have to get rid of this plug in.

Earlier this morning I installed a style changer plug in. Now I can play around with the looks of the blog, and allow my visitors to pick the one they like the most. The style they choose should be the one they see every time they visit the blog as long as they do not clear the cookies on their computer. The plug in utilizes CSS, with which right now I am having a lot of fun. Although at the moment I am having problem with setting different element to dynamically move on the page as the size of others change. I also want them to appear in certain order, which so far does not appear to be too hard to code. But I am going to work on that during the day. Right now it is 4:21 A.M., and I am ready for bed.

You can see the plug ins currently used as active on the blog here. I have placed a link to that page under the Information menu. The page is generated by another wonderful plug in. LoL I have a list of few more plug ins I want to use on my blog. I am also looking at a plug in which will cache certain section of the blog at a set time frame, so the pages load faster. Something it does need, because as I add more stuff to my blog it takes longer for the pages to generate/load.

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