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Showing posts from August, 2004

-(MP)- site progress.

The news database is up and running. Finally. It too a while, lol. It happens when you are learning PHP and SQL at the same time. But the database and the pages are up and coded. I still am going to improve on the news entry page, give it more features and make the data submitted to the database more flexible.

Before I do that, I still have few other things to work on like members, battles and upcoming databases and forms.

I am getting better at it. :) Quote from the -(MP)- site news:
The web site is back. As many have had the chance to notice, he site have been redesigned and back. There are still some sections, like battle record and members, missing. But overall the site is 90% completed. Woo Hoo. News db and linking problems are resolved, something which will make Gilgamesh very happy.

Now that the news section is completed, next on my agenda is to create the battle record and members sections, followed by adding search feature to the site. When the above three are done, I will be wor…

-(MP)- site back on-line.

The -(MP)- site is back up and running. It took me only an afternoon to design it and create the images. The only thing left to do is to create the forms for the news updates, members' profiles and clan challenge. After that I just have to link them to the SQL database, which is already set up. When that is done, I will have to create the members and battles sections of the site, which will be utilizing the SQL database, and update the home page, to pull the news form the database as well. When all of those are done, the site will be done as well. It should not take me more than an afternoon to accomplish. Next are the Jus2 Investing site, and its customer system.

Back to it!

It has been a while since I have made any entries to this. Especially after the loss of all of my previous entries, I have not really had the desire to post anything.

Anyways! The summer is almost over and school for a lot of my friends will be starting soon. Oh I wish I could go back to school! I miss all the fun there. This may sound weird, but I do enjoy being in a class room, and learning things. Although, most of the time I am half-a-sleep. So, my friends are constantly kicking my chair. HEHE.

It is good to be at school, a great social environment and a wonderful, undemanding place. Unlike the work place! Maybe, eventually I will realize one of my dreams and become a teacher. Just like many of the instructors I had. Teaching was a way for them to get away from their cycling daily life, and do something more intellectually stimulations as well as character testing. Knowing how I always overwhelmed most of my teacher. Although many of them are doing it for some extra income, to pay b…

Found couple of old posts.

Well, I found couple of old posts in the cache of couple of search engine. But only couple, I wish there were more. The ones I found, I posted them again and adjusted the dates and time to match the originals. I did not bother looking for any caches pages of TFnet or Clan MP. TFnet, because I only had few pages, with very little content. Clan MP because the site just needed to be redesigned, needed better looks and more flexibility. No it is much smaller in size, better organized and with more flexibility.

Thumbs up for search engines’ cache. Sadly, the major search engines will brows a site at a minimum every fifteen days. Otherwise it will be considered abuse, and if the meta tags of a page are set for them to come back sooner, it will be ignored. This will result in the search engine returning to the site at even longer period, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of having the site caches regularly.

Now I back up all of my SQL databases multiple times throughout the week. And I q…