-(MP)- site progress.

The news database is up and running. Finally! It took a while, lol. It happens when you are learning PHP and SQL at the same time. But the database and the pages are up and coded. I am still going to improve on the news entries page, give it more features and make the data submitted to the database more flexible.

Before I do that, I still have few other things to work on – like members, battles, and upcoming sections in the databases and forms.

I am getting better at it. 🙂 Here is a quote from the -(MP)- site news:

The web site is back. As many have had the chance to notice, the site has been redesigned and is back. There are still some sections, like battle record and members, missing. But overall, the site is 90% completed. Woo Hoo. News db and linking problems are resolved, something which will make Gilgamesh very happy.

Now that the news section is completed, next on my agenda is to create the battle record and members sections, followed by adding search feature to the site. When the above three are done, I will be working on improving some parts of the site and their usability. It will be mainly in the background, so you won’t be noticing too many changes on the outside other than facelifts here and there.

Clanmp.us news article.

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