Found couple of old posts.

Well, I found couple of old posts in the cache of couple of search engines. But only a couple! I wish there were more. The ones I found, I posted them again and adjusted the dates and time to match the originals. I did not bother looking for any cached pages of TFnet or Clan MP. TFnet, because I only had few pages with very little content. Clan MP, because the site just needed to be redesigned – it needs better looks, better organization, and more flexibility.

Thumbs up for search engines’ cache. Sadly, the major search engines will crawl a site at a minimum every fifteen days. Otherwise, it will be considered abuse, and if the meta tags of a page are set for them to come back sooner, it will be ignored. This will result in the search engine returning to the site at even longer period, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of having the site caches regularly.

Now, I backup all of my SQL databases multiple times throughout the week. And I quit using Microsoft Front Page. It creates a mess with the directories structure and even bigger with the code. Now I am using Macromedia Dreamweaver. An excellent application and backups are created every time a file is saved. Thus, I have a backup copy on my machine. No more gaffs like last time, no more complete data lose.

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