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  • Email Signatures – I Hate Them.

    I f-ing hate email signatures. For most part they are useless and only take more space than the actual email content is. In my time of receiving emails and providing customer support I have come across a variety of email signatures and other text and image email appendages that are completely unnecessary. It is rare […]

  • I very much dislike scrapers!

    I just spend 15 minutes blocking splogs and scraper IPs for It is a pain in the rear. I have to spend time sorting through comments, that are marked as SPAM, to make sure there aren’t any good ones. Almost always they are bad, and 99% of the time they are trackbacks from scraper […]

  • SPAM it’s everywhere!

    SPAM it’s everywhere, Stupid People Annoying Menace. It is such nonsense, waist of time and waist of bandwidth. Tonight I was SPAMed by one of my friends, because his friends were doing it to him. So, he thought it would be a good idea, and instead of breaking the chain, to add another link. This […]