I very much dislike scrapers!

I just spend 15 minutes blocking splogs and scraper IPs for jutiagroup.com. It is a pain in the rear. I have to spend time sorting through comments, that are marked as SPAM, to make sure there aren’t any good ones. Almost always they are bad, and 99% of the time they are trackbacks from scraper sites, that steal content and place it on their ads bloated sites. Do they really believe that having a trackback link makes it OK to steal the content?

Ahh, it is so annoying!!! That is the problem when you have a real site that allows commenting. You have to deal with this kind of crap. This doesn’t happen as often on this site, though. But I had one last week on my post about Alerth Thingy, now that douche doesn’t have a Google AdSense account any more. I hate this loozers.

By the way, I ended up blocking freehostia all together from being able to read content on Jutia Group. There were a lot of trackabcks from blogs hosted by them this time around. So more no longer!

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