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  • Connect WordPress to Azure MySQL DB using a secure connection.

    A quick description on how to connect your WordPress instance to an Azure MySQL instance using secure connection.

  • How to save on your Google Cloud Storage bill

    I use Google Cloud to host a static website. I deploy that particular website to App Engine via a Cloud Build process. To run the Cloud Build process, I use two separate triggers – one for the main branch and one for the developer branch of a Git repository. Cloud Build provides convenience because it […]

  • Have a listen to the Serverless Programming episode from the Fragmented podcast

    The Serverless Programing episode from the Fragmented podcast is an excellent episode on starting and selling projects as a side or a hobby activity. It does not encompass everything, but it offers a good mindset on how to look at the success or failure of side projects. In addition, the episode talks about serverless architecture and how […]

  • -(MP)- site progress.

    The news database is up and running on the website. Additional sections, like members and battle record are coming soon.

  • -(MP)- site back on-line.

    The -(MP)- site is back up and running.

  • Found couple of old posts.

    Well, I found couple of old posts in the cache of couple of search engines. But only a couple! I wish there were more. The ones I found, I posted them again and adjusted the dates and time to match the originals. I did not bother looking for any cached pages of TFnet or Clan […]

  • Data loss

    The host has experienced total data loss. …

  • Jus2 website!

    Got another project on my hands! Talked to my brother and he asked me to design, setup, and develop a website for his company. I have some design ideas from him, so I will take it from there, use what he has and implement functionality, appeal, and strategy. I will have to design the whole […]