A filter mount for the Sony Xperia 1 V and 1 IV

The Sony Xperia 1 series of phones are an awesome pro-photogramy mobile phones, but there is one caveat – beyond a protective case, no company makes accessories for them! if you look on the Reddit SonyXperia forum, a frequent question asks if there are any compatible filter mounts? Almost everyone either replies with a “no” or recommends using a clip-on mount. Personally, I do not like clip-on mounts because they obstruct the screen, and just do not fit – they need to be moved between the lenses. Doing so gets in the way of workflow.

The only solutions I have come across are ones where either people have 3D printed some kind of an adapter, or ones where the solution involves modifying a case and some filter mount, gluing them together, and hopping for the best. Well, after searching for several months I finally found something that works, even though it is not specifically made for the Xperia, but it does not require making modifications. Well, maybe just to the way the mount attaches to the case. The product reviews indicate that the magnate adhesive is not the best.

I have a small collection of “vintage” Sony 58mm filters for my camera. I say vintage only because they are just over 20 years old. As it turns out, a 58mm filter is a perfect fit to place over the Sony Xperia 1 V lens array without sticking out too much. What I found is a circular 58mm magnetic filter mount for iPhone by Powrig, which uses a magnate to attach the mount to the back of the phone case. The camera array opening is large and square, so the mount has to be place on an angle to fit around the Xperia lens array, but it works! There is no obstruction of the phone screen, there is no need to move the mount from lens to lens, and there is no need to modify the phone case. You can also see in the pictures that the filter mount does not interfere with phone mounts. The only modification / improvement that is needed is some black gaffer tape to prevent light ingress from behind the filter at the upper corner.

Overall, I am very happy with the filter mount. It allows me to use my existing set of filters without having to buy new ones or make changes to my case. I have use of the whole screen of the phone, and I can carry both the filter mount and couple of filters in the case that came with the filter mount.

Update: 2023.10.02

After chatting with someone on the SonyXperia Reddit form, something I did not look into before was if the filter creates an obstruction on the ultra-wide lens. It does! Not too much, but it is there, off to one size. The same person notices that Powrig also has a 67mm filter mount, which can fit over the lens array with plenty of room to spare. Unless you already have a set of 58mm filters, going with the 67mm mount and buying 67mm filters would most likely be a much better option. I have a number of 58mm filters, so I am going to be sticking with this mount size.

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