Women’s bras – the latest trend in cell phone carriers.

Kitten in a Woman's Cleavage
Ahh, to be a kitten!

The woman’s bra, by definition is a clothing item used to provide support for her breasts. But, in many cases it serves secondary purpose as a “storage compartment”! You know … like the pocket on your pants. Over the years I have seen women use their bras to store money, notes, business cards. Lately, though, I have notices that this trend is changing. Unlike men, women don’t usually wear belts, at lease not ones that can be used to clip or loop things on, i.e. knifes, keys … mobile phone cases.

So, about that changing bra storage compartment trend. I have noticed that now instead of money and business cards getting pulled out of there, cell phones are either protruding from the cleavage or performing a balancing act under one of the straps. I suppose that for some is a genius idea. This way they carry one less item in their hands with their keys, wallet and whatever else, that should be either in a clutch or a purse. By the way, why not buy the cleavage caddy purse.

My personal views about this style – same as it is for wearing sweat pants with writing on the behind, pajamas or slippers at stores or outside the home – not appropriate.

3 responses to “Women’s bras – the latest trend in cell phone carriers.”

  1. I work in the food industry and I have actually seen many women hold their cell phone in their bras. Honestly it is a smart idea as a woman, but it kind of looks trashy.

    • I agree. It is a smart solution, but the trashy look is what bothers me. I suppose having the mobile under the bra’s strap is OK, but having it sticking from the cleavage – that is very unnatural, unnecessary and trashy, as you put it.

  2. call it trashy sexy cheap convient. myself its all of these things. in my opinion its the sexiest thing a woman can do. i espically enjoy women that will carry a bulky change purse and cell phone in her cup and wear a tight fitting tank top. with the outline of everything showing. i had a school teacher that did this from another country its a wonder i got a passing grade.

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