Fireworks! Oh no, not again!

sarcastic fireworks cartoon

The idiot morons in my neighborhood are already starting with the fireworks. WTF?! It’s only July 1st! There are 3 days left before I have to endure the random and unnecessary thumping of fireworks. Which, the previously mentions idiots, last year were setting off randomly throughout the night for a month after July 4th. When you are trying to sleep and when you have small children it is very inconsiderate and rude to be woken up, multiple times during the night, because the mentally lacking in capacity neighbors can’t control themselves. I was finding leftover fireworks in my yard for two months after July 4th, but it was more discouraging and enraging when I found the fireworks debris on the roof of our home.

P.S. I like fireworks, I like watching fireworks shows. When we were on our honeymoon in San Diego, I watched a fireworks shows that was coordinated between 12 different locations throughout the city. I could see 9 of those. It was great. It was awesome. But as a home owner, I prefer to keep explosives that I’m not in control of, and knowing that if  something happens no one is going to take responsibility for, away from my property and loved ones.

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