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Double that plus more is NOT "a little more"!

Few weeks ago we had a salesman from Illinois Energy come to the house to give us an appraisal for the replacement of few windows and couple of glass sliding doors. In addition to asking random personal questions, irrelevant to what he does or sells, his presentation and presence lasted just about two and a half hours. We think that was an hour too long.

What topped everything was when he was done with his calculations he asked me if I would like to guess how much it would be. So, knowing about how much things cost, what others have paid, and how much we wanted to spend, I said:

A little bit more. - He retorted!

$16,500 - I said.

A little bit more. - He retorted, again.

$18,000 - I replied.

A little bit more. - Was his answer once again.
At that point I became annoyed and I said - "We are past the "A little bit more" point. We past it $1,500 ago!". So he gave us his figure - $36,000 and few hundred more!!! What the heck? That number does NOT even qualify for a &quo…

I'm workign here!!

I am working on features and services for DomainVentory, which seems to be taking too long to become a public web site. I blame it on all of my freelance and home projects, and day job. Which are not necessarily bad, because I do get compensated well. But any ways. For some reason whenever I'm working on my laptop my cats decide that it is time to receive attention, which often is comprised of moving from the left to the right side of the laptop and back. The direct path, of course, is the keyboard. I don't mind petting them, but when I'm writing something or codding I really rather not have anyone, other than me, pushing the keys.

Something my cats can't seem to comprehend. By the way, how many cats do You have?

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