Double that plus more is NOT “a little more”!

Few weeks ago we had a salesman from Illinois Energy come to the house to give us an appraisal for the replacement of few windows and couple of glass sliding doors. In addition to asking random personal questions, irrelevant to what he does or sells, his presentation and presence lasted just about two and a half hours. We think that was an hour too long.

What topped everything was when he was done with his calculations he asked me if I would like to guess how much it would be. So, knowing about how much things cost, what others have paid, and how much we wanted to spend, I said:


A little bit more. – He retorted!

$16,500 – I said.

A little bit more. – He retorted, again.

$18,000 – I replied.

A little bit more. – Was his answer once again.

At that point I became annoyed and I said – “We are past the “A little bit more” point. We past it $1,500 ago!“. So he gave us his figure – $36,000 and few hundred more!!! What the heck? That number does NOT even qualify for a “much more” response. It’s double what I said, plus another $6,000.

That number is unacceptable, even if the windows are guaranteed for the life of the house, and to be replaced for free if an object ever happens to go through one.

To cream that, he spend the following 15 or so minutes somewhat refusing to leave and trying to get us to place an order. At least for some of the windows, which he estimated at just above $4,000 – for 3 small windows.

The cherry was when he told us that if we don’t place an order that evening and he has to come again, so we can place an order, we will not be eligible for the 20% first time discount. Huuu?!! Everyone else I have ever done business with, worked with, worked for, as well as it being a standard in doing business, gives discount on the first order, NOT on meeting for a first time.


Pressure sales do not work on me. I come from a family with generations of entrepreneurs and business owners of various types. As well as, I married into one of the same type. Needless to say, both my wife and I are on the same path. Same applies for my sibling.

I have the options, skills and knowledge to do things myself. Just like I have been doing for many years. But, in the last few years, available time has become a factor.

Anyways, as my Mom always tells me – “Be cheap on the expensive thing.”. In my opinion $36,000 is at a premium for hand full of windows and two sliding doors.

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