Wednesday, November 19, 2008

GoDaddy discount lacks the discount. It's OK though.

Last week I was contacted by a GoDaddy company representative by the name of Logan, who provided me with a list of my expiring domains  until the end of the year, informed me that he has been assigned to my account and can offer me a discount. I responded to him by asking for more information about the discount. The discounted price per domain he provided me with, in his replay email, was the same price I receive as a member of the domain discount club.

One would thing that when offering discount to their customers GoDaddy would check to see if it is worth doing so, when the customers are members of the domain discount club, and the company is not willing to offer a greater discount! I suppose it makes no difference, because this is a courtesy service and a money raising act, but if it was me I would have taken a different approach.

My experience with GoDaddy, as a customer since 2003, has ALWAYS been positive. I have always had a good experience with their customer support, which I am glad is located in the States and I can call them at any time. To my knowledge GoDaddy does not outsource, so I must give the company and Bob Parsons props for doing this and keeping Americans employed. I know that part of the company's customer relations strategy is to provide courtesy services, like company representatives personally calling me and emailing me to remind me of my expiring domains. In the past I have benefited from it, I enjoy it and appreciate it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I was right! Buy Yahoo stock.

[caption id="attachment_412" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="yhoo stock rebound - image from TechCrunch"]yhoo stock rebound - image from TechCrunch[/caption]

Last week I tweeted that Yahoo's stock was at $10 per share and it was time to buy. Comments on my tweet said that it is pointless to do so. As I was on my way to New York, I wasn't able to provide a response to the comments.

With today's reports about Yahoo's CEO, Jerry Yang, stepping down I wish I had listened to my own advice. But there is still time to buy, buy, buy. People have been complaining about Yang and wanting him out of the decisions circle. Now he is out and I can only imagine that the stoke will continue going up as the company finds new leadership or is bought or merged with another one. I would like that company to be Microsoft.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Skype and broadband result in happiness.

Last night, after 10 years, I was able to see my dad live. Thanks to broadband being available, and most of all more affordable, my dad and I were arable to have a video session via Skype.

Last time I saw my dad was at the Sofia airport in Bulgaria in August of 1998. Since that time I have talk to him on the phone, but I have seen only 1 picture of him and that was probably 4 or so years ago. I was very excited to see him and I really wanted for him to see me! Thankfully I had Amanda’s web cam.

Skype is just a technology. There are many other methods making video conferencing possible. Skype is simply one of the more popular ones.

No matter the methods, the moment we were able to see each other was overwhelming with joy. I can’t wait to do it again.

No smoking for you! Not in this car.

Recently Amanda and I went car shopping. Now that Alexandar is growing bigger and we are planing on having a family expansion we needed something other than the Jeep. So, we went looking at minivans. After looking at the 5th minivan I was becoming more and more bored of the activity and pretty much all of them started to look the same to me - a vehicle with lots of space inside. Having gone through the majority makes and models of minivans on the market we decided to go to CarMax and see what they had to offer in addition to saving $20,000 from the price tag. What I noticed in majority of the minivans and crossover vehicles we had looked at is that ashtrays are no longer a build in feature. Ashtrays seem to have become an extra feature you have to request.

Personally I don't care that there is a lack of ashtrays, but I do not think that it is fair to those who have chosen the slow suicide. Yes it is an option to order one, but what if you are reselling the car. Some people won't buy the car for the lack of one. I suppose it is a marketing and economic decision. If the manufacturer does not have to make the space for it, they won't. Same goes for spending money on the materials to make it.

I just find this trend strange. What do you think? What new trends have you picked up on that have surprised you?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day - November 11

[caption id="attachment_370" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Veterans Day - November 11"]Veterans Day - November 11[/caption]

Today November 11 is Veterans Day. You can find more information on the VA web site, and if you would like to read the history of Veterans Day. There are variety of veterans' charities and organizations you can support and become a member of.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Listening to classical music helps me stay sane ... patience is a virtue!

Listening to classical music helps me stay sane. Especially when THE LACK of daylight, the bland presence of gray cubicle walls, passive aggressive BS and the cold stare, back at me, of two 17 inches monitors make their oppression painfully obvious.

Luckily I'm not easily bothered by my environment, because I realize and understand cause and effect. I am a human, I evolve and adapt. Kind of contradictory to the leading sentence, but every once in awhile there are moments that help keep oneself in check.

The way out is through progress and opportunity. Sometimes they just happen at slower pace than one might want them to progress at. Therefore patience is a virtue, remaining calm “and collect” is a nice bonus.