GoDaddy discount lacks the discount. It’s OK though.

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Last week I was contacted by a GoDaddy company representative by the name of Logan, who provided me with a list of my expiring domains  until the end of the year, informed me that he has been assigned to my account and can offer me a discount. I responded to him by asking for more information about the discount. The discounted price per domain he provided me with, in his replay email, was the same price I receive as a member of the domain discount club.

One would thing that when offering discount to their customers GoDaddy would check to see if it is worth doing so, when the customers are members of the domain discount club, and the company is not willing to offer a greater discount! I suppose it makes no difference, because this is a courtesy service and a money raising act, but if it was me I would have taken a different approach.

My experience with GoDaddy, as a customer since 2003, has ALWAYS been positive. I have always had a good experience with their customer support, which I am glad is located in the States and I can call them at any time. To my knowledge GoDaddy does not outsource, so I must give the company and Bob Parsons props for doing this and keeping Americans employed. I know that part of the company’s customer relations strategy is to provide courtesy services, like company representatives personally calling me and emailing me to remind me of my expiring domains. In the past I have benefited from it, I enjoy it and appreciate it.

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