Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh Snap! - Red Alert 3

Wow, just wow! This is the best game ad I have seen in very, very long time. Once again the Command and Conquer community is in for a visual treat. It looks like the upcoming Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 has a great cast of actors.

I really enjoy watching this video. I really love the fact that there are references of other games, movies, media and personal work of the actors. The fact that the content of this ad was not limited to just the game makes it a great video ad, which can appeal to all generations of gamers. A video to be watched over and over again.

Good job EA and long live Westwood.

Westwood Studios was the company behind the Command and Conquer games franchise. It was founded in 1985 as Westwood Associates by Brett Sperry and Louis Castle and was based in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1992 it was renamed to Westwood Studios and it was sold to Virgin Interactive. In August 1998 it was was bought by game publisher giant Electronic Arts. The company was liquidated in March of 2003 by EA. At the time its staff numbered over 100 employees. You can read more information on Westwood Studios here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Valve being bought by Google. Please say it isn't so.

Valve being bought by Google! That is a horrible thought, but there are number of web sites which are reporting this. Here are a few links:

I decided to send Valve a quick email, and I think that everyone that is agains this happenign should do as well.

Good morning,

TechCrunch and TheInquirer are reporting a potential acquisition of Valve by Google.

Please say it isn't so. I've been a fan of you company and games since you guys first started. I have been following your company and enjoyed your products all these years. An acquisition by google might seem like a financially good choice but technology and product wise it is not.

Valve has managed to remain financially independent and overcome a variety of obstacles all this years. Please do NOT give into the google idea. Be yourselves. Visiting Valve headquarters and working for Valve is a dream for many people. Don't destroy your fan base.


Alexandar Tzanov

You can email Valve at, or contact the company in the following ways



Postal address:
PO BOX 1688
Bellevue, WA 98009

The community has already started a discoution on the Steam forums.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Environmentally friendly!! What? Just keep sending me the Paper statement.

I really don’t like it when companies decide to start sending me e-statements instead of a paper statements under the pretext “… reflect our commitment to the environment and will provide our customers with a new 'earth friendly' service.”. Uhh … What? Just keep that paper statement coming, because I am not going to log in all the time to see if it is ready or not. Ok?! I am not going to get a surprise few months down the road when I finally remember that I was switched to an e-statement and when I check it I see bunch of fees or double charges that I could have taken care of a lot sooner.

It’s nice to be environmentally friendly, but the environment is not going to pay fees and charges applied to my account. So, companies do be environmentally friendly with something else, something that is less vital. Here is a great suggestion: you can be environmentally friendly with ALL that SPAM you send to customer soliciting for useless cards and services. You stop that and you will do a double duty: 1. environmentally friendly; 2. Preventing identity theft and credit score/history ruining.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google's Chrome browser

magitam: Google's Non-launch of Chrome - do you think we should hold Google accountable for their broken promise?

Google has decided to create their own browser, dubbed Chrome. It is open source based on WebKit and powered by Google Gears. Another browser amongst many others. I don't particularly care for most of Google's products, thus I most likely won't even test drive this product. I think, though, that Chrome will gain popularity, and it will be fast, very fast for couple of reasons.

First reason being - people, for some reason, are just crazy about Google and what it has to offer. They love to use their search engine, GMail and their various other apps. They look forward, with great anticipation, to anything new that the company hints or talks about.

The second reason why Google's Chrome will gain great popularity is the same reason why Mozilla's Firefox grew so fast in its user share - opposition to the standard, to the established - Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

I believe that these two reasons will be the cause for Google's Chrome to explode in its user share. Talk is all over the web about this. A quick search for Google's Chrome on Twitter demonstrates this. All though, I do think it will be most popular amongst the tech crowd.

Chrome will see some competition from Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8, so would Firefox. I installed IE 8 over the weekend and I can say that IE7 intrigued me, but IE8 enticed me and I might go back to using Internet Explorer. The new interface, functionality, privacy and build in tools are great. Microsoft is definitely moving in the right way with their work on Internet Explorer.

Google's choice of introducing its Chrome browser in the form of a 38 or so paged comic is a wonderful approach of the proverbial RTFM. Personally I greatly enjoyed it, and I much rather read and look through illustrations than read pages of text explaining some technology, how it works, and what it is "supposed" to do.

I have been an avid follower of Google in the past, and I have looked for any products from them and I have attempted to use every one of their apps - as a Google fan, but I'm no longer. I did also switch to Firefox, at a time when I looked at Microsoft with an unkind eye. Plus, at the time Internet Explorer was rigid, unfriendly, and not all pages functioned well with it. So I did partake in both of the above reasons, even though they no longer apply to me.

I would like to hear what your thoughts on this are. Do you agree with the above reasons, or do you have reasons of your own? What are your thoughts about the comic? Should other companies apply the same methods when designing manuals for their products?