Environmentally friendly!! What? Just keep sending me the Paper statement.

I really don’t like it when companies decide to start sending me e-statements instead of a paper statements under the pretext “… reflect our commitment to the environment and will provide our customers with a new ‘earth friendly’ service.”. Uhh … What? Just keep that paper statement coming, because I am not going to log in all the time to see if it is ready or not. Ok?! I am not going to get a surprise few months down the road when I finally remember that I was switched to an e-statement and when I check it I see bunch of fees or double charges that I could have taken care of a lot sooner.

It’s nice to be environmentally friendly, but the environment is not going to pay fees and charges applied to my account. So, companies do be environmentally friendly with something else, something that is less vital. Here is a great suggestion: you can be environmentally friendly with ALL that SPAM you send to customer soliciting for useless cards and services. You stop that and you will do a double duty: 1. environmentally friendly; 2. Preventing identity theft and credit score/history ruining.

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