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I wonder why is the Chicago Tribune linking to so many twitterers! Is the newspaper tracking down locals on Twitter trying to gain back some of its readers, because the newspaper industry is dying and more and more readers/subscribers are lost to the web and up to the minute news reports? Or is it trying to gain new readers by showing that it is a newspaper that is “cool” and runs with the web crowd.

With today’s integration of Twitter into all possible CMSs, someone is spending a lot of time finding Chicagoans, and I think the Chicago Tribune is trying out to save itself from drowning by trying various methods and options. But, just like many others in the next few years it will either go close to 100% digital or die. If and when it goes completely digital it will have some serious competition from already established news sources with a long following by the web crowd.

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  1. The Colonel wants to be a part of Chicago’s conversation on the Web. But to be a part of of it, we need to participate. And Twitter’s a good start.

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