Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saturn 3

After spending some time and searching for it, on and off, for few years, I finally found the name of this movie. I saw it when I was a kid, and I have been wanting to see it again. Its name is Saturn 3.

I don't remember much of the movie, other than it was about a robot, which was build on site, and it end up trying to kill the inhabitants of a space station. I was a kid and I thought it was pretty cool movie. Since I remembered about its existence, few years ago, I have been wanting to find out its name so I can see it again.

This is the trailer of the movie. In my opinion, it makes the movie look kind of goofy, but I like the olg cliches, costumes and animatronics. Sometimes they are better and more entertaining than today's CG.

Now that I know its name I will have to try to find it. I am sure that I will be able to find it on DVD, but if I can't I will have to go to few video rental places that still offer the good old VHS tapes. Maybe one of them might have it.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Domain Record Info

I wanted a way to quickly view the record information on a domain, but I did not want anyone tracking domains I look up. Or like some bad registrars, have any possible domain I look up end up as registered thanks to the ICANN grace period and overpriced registrars trying to extort money before selling the domain.

So, I ended up searching for possible WhoIs scripts and how one could query the domain record information and ended up coming across the whois.php script, which is currently utilized on Domain Record Info. Also accessed via WhoIsMesh.com and DomaIndex.Info.

There are few other options/functions I would like to add to the page - ping, dns report, and various help and tutorials information. Eventually I would like to do something similar to DNS Stuff, but for the moment it will have to wait. Right now I have many other projects.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


ColonelTribune (ColonelTribune) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out ColonelTribune's profile here:


I wonder why is the Chicago Tribune linking to so many twitterers! Is the newspaper tracking down locals on Twitter trying to gain back some of its readers, because the newspaper industry is dying and more and more readers/subscribers are lost to the web and up to the minute news reports? Or is it trying to gain new readers by showing that it is a newspaper that is "cool" and runs with the web crowd.

With today's integration of Twitter into all possible CMSs, someone is spending a lot of time finding Chicagoans, and I think the Chicago Tribune is trying out to save itself from drowning by trying various methods and options. But, just like many others in the next few years it will either go close to 100% digital or die. If and when it goes completely digital it will have some serious competition from already established news sources with a long following by the web crowd.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Which will it be?

I have been using Twitter for a long time. It is at the top of the micro-blogging structure. I also use Jaiku and Pownce, but I think that Tumblr has something to offer, something to compete with against the rest of them. I would say Pownce comes the closes, as far as features, when compared with Tumblr.

Users can have custom themes, in addition to being able to edit the provided themes code and throw enhancements to the pages. Just like I did earlier with Disqus! Tumblr has plenty of room to grow when it comes to features to be added. But in my opinion it is the better one of all of them.

I hope that it will soon pick up speed and become more popular amongst the micro-blogging community. I did try to find a Wordpress plugin that integrated Tumblr the way Alex Kings plugin integrates Twitter. But, I did not even find one that can interact with it. Helpfully soon someone will produce something.