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Or Best Offer – NOT!!!

I found on eBay the expansion set to the Doom: the Board GameDoom: the Board Game Expansion. The person is selling the game for $38.95, one dollar less that Fantasy Flight Games, the game publisher, plus $15 for shipping. He also provides the option for or best offer.

Someone needs to explain to the seller what or best offer means. I saw that there were some previous offers, which were declined, but I could not see what they were. My offers started at $25 and ended $30, and I still did not get the best offer. That left me wondering what is that guys’ understanding of or best offer, because if his minimum for a best offer, for the game, is couple of dollars under his buy now price, than how does his minimum fall in the concept of “or best offer”. For a best offer to be worth anything to someone there has to be some noticeable difference between the selling price and what the acceptable best offer could be, and not a fraction from the selling price.

If the minimum is so close to the manufacturer’s price, why not just get the product from the manufacturer? That way the product is guaranteed and the warranty is valid.

On another note, I noticed that Fantasy Flight Games has published a StarCraft board game. Pretty sweet. 🙂