Web Games – The Simpsons – Wrecking Ball

This is a pretty cool and shinny web Simpsons’ game. The premise of the game is based on distance. Just like many other versions of this concept, which use hitting, batting, kicking or throwing, the point here is to hit the meet-wagon in a way that it rolls as far as possible.

The similarities between previous adaptation of this game concept and The Simpsons Wrecking Ball end here. In this variation you can adjust the distance from which you start your approach for the hit. But due to the mechanics used in the hit, you are driving a demolition ball crane, hens the name, greater starting distance doesn’t always mean “quality hit”.

The game is fun, and is definitely a nice approach to the distance genera games. I am looking forward to what is next, but for now, I will be playing The Simpsons – Wrecking Ball. You should too.

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