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LEGO Indiana Jones!!!

Early, early this morning I was looking for a video of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance on, which by the way I was surprised to find out that it belongs to MTV Networks, when I noticed a link titled – LEGO Indiana Jones. I guess Lucas released the video at the Comic-Con 07.

The game, as always, looks great and I can hardly wait for it to be released. Unlike the LEGO Batman game, which I am not particularly excited for. Lets just hope that Lucas will not do the same they did with the LEGO Star Wars games, where they re-released both games as one – LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (as if the first two games were not complete), with new levels, effects and characters. Causing for a lot of people to have to go out and buy the game a second time. Although, this time it is also on the Wii, which is probably the platform I am going to buy it for. Now I just have to decide on which platform I want to play LEGO Indi – the Nintendo Wii or XBOX360.