How awesome is my future husband?

Oh, let me count the cells…

Tonight, Alex bought me an early birthday present, (My birthday is Feb. 27th), an awesome present. Let me give some background before I disclose what it is. When Alex and I first met, we had a few problems with going over minutes on our cellphones. I had T-mobile and he had Verizon. To alleviate this issue, Alex added me to his account and bought me a second cell phone. I didn’t like the phone too much but it was cool because I had TWO cell phones. Now, my parents are going to switch over to Verizon to talk to Alex and I for free so I’m getting rid of my very cool T-mobile phone (it has LED lights built in the sides and lights up!). However, my awesome future husband agreed to buy me a new phone. And what phone did he get me? A MOTOROLA RAZR!!!!! Oh, he is so jealous and I’m excited. We got it for a really great deal. It would normally cost $500 but it only cost us $100. To make him feel better, I told him to make it my early birthday present. Even though he agreed, I have a feeling he’s going to try to steal it when it comes in.


So, thank you to my amazing honeybunny for my new RAZR and agreeing not to steal it…too much! 🙂

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